Home for the Holidays

Happy Holidays to our friends and colleagues in the construction and design community! With today being the last day of Hannukah and the week before Christmas, we figured this week's theme should be about Home. Home for the Holidays takes on new meaning during these (wait for it) "unprecedented times." (Take a drink.)

Many of us have been stuck at home for some time, and sometimes it feels like there is no end in sight. All we can do is just keep doing what we've been doing: making the best of it. Whether it's spending quality time with family, learning a new hobby, finding a way to help those less fortunate or tackling projects around the house, we hope you find something fulfilling to do with your time.

Since it looks like we'll be spending lots more time at home over the next couple months, consider what a difference the addition of the perfect lamp can make to the mood and functionality of your space. Consider these the sweatpants of the lighting world, an easy way to make your life cozier.

Below are 9 lighting lines with a wide selection of floor lamps, table lamps and portables we recommend checking out. We wish you all the happiest of holidays and we look forward to working with you in 2021!

Cerno Group

Cerno Group is wrapping up their tenth year of doing business. Their passion for design and building quality products from authentic materials burns as bright as it did over a decade ago. Cerno's aesthetic is an intersection of modernism and contemporary design. Materials such as walnut and brass will bring a natural warmth and coziness to your space. The Valeo Floor Lamp pictured at the top of the page, the Silva Giant (right) and Forma Table Lamp (left) are just a few of the beautiful table and floor lamp designs to come out of this Southern California workshop.


For more than 50 years, Italian company FLOS has sought to illuminate the human experience by offering finely crafted pieces created by the world’s most beloved artists. FLOS stands at the meeting point of art and design, of craftsmanship and industry, of limited editions and large-scale manufacturing, and of the individual and the collective imagination. FLOS designs are truly works of art. Create ambiance by adding a single modern table lamp or floor lamp to the space. There are so many timeless designs to choose from, you'll be sure to find just the right one.


Vibia is a global architectural lighting company located in Barcelona. Design is at the center of all they do. Their designs incorporate quality materials, light sources, electronics, smart dimming control and connectivity systems, white considering new cultural habits in order to bring the right feel to spaces and improve the quality of the environment. The Mayfair (left) is an evolution the 19th century banker's light. The i.Cono achieves visual refinement through the use of exquisite sleek lines and superior quality through the use of exceptional materials. See the full selection of Table and Floor Lamps from Vibia.


Marset is another Barcelona-based company that has become a global leader in designing beautiful lights to enhance spaces. Unique Scandinavian and Mediterranean influenced product lines by Christophe Mathieu and Joan Gasper combine the precise lines of architectural design with the dramatic flair of artwork. The rechargeable BiCoca and FollowMe have become the buzz in a few short years for their beauty and practicality. Both come in a number of color options for any taste and any space. See more Portables, Table Lamps and Floor Lamps from Marset in a wide range of styles, finishes and materials.


Estiluz is a Spanish company with over 50 years of experience designing, developing and manufacturing decorative lighting products. They specialize in lamps with timeless design that offer high quality materials and finishes. They do their own manufacturing and assembly on location, allowing personalization of the product to adapt to the project. Well revered collections like Volta (left) and Circ (right) have coordinating floor lamps and table lamps to integrate into the design of a space. See the full collection of Table Lamps and Floor Lamps from Estiluz for many more simple and elegant designs.


Headquartered in Toronto, this family run business took inspiration from their Italian heritage, starting out making decorative lighting like table lamps. Zaneen has since expanded beyond its original program of decorative lighting, developing many partnerships with European lighting brands to high quality designs to North America. The Design sector of Zaneen is where you'll find the decorative offerings, including many unique Floor Lamps, Table Lamps and these two whimsical Battery Operated designs, Candelier and Cuboled, otherwise known as Pandora's Light.

Generation Lighting

Visual Comfort & Co includes decorative brands Visual Comfort, Generation Lighting, Tech Lighting and Monte Carlo Fans. Generation Lighting has partnered with a new generation of designers to come out with an extremely vibrant selection of beautifully appointed classic and elegant products at popular price points. Generation Lighting's Table & Floor Lamp collection features a wide variety of options that can be sorted by style, so you can easily find something that matches the aesthetic you're looking for.

Hudson Valley Lighting Group

Hudson Valley Lighting Group includes lighting brands Hudson Valley, Troy Lighting, Corbett Lighting and Mitzi. Their unified website makes it easy to browse categories across all brands or one select brand. The Portables section includes all the Table Lamps and Floor Lamps across the brands. Mitzi offers many clean and simple, budget friendly, cord and plug designs like this Willa Wall Sconce (left - coordinating floor and table lamps also available), White Floor Lamp (middle - coordinating pendant and sconce options available), and Nicole Table Lamp (right).

SONNEMAN - A Way of Light

SONNEMAN – A Way of Light is closely connected to Robert Sonneman, the designer, and his commitment to modern ideals, innovation, and the extraordinary quality that is the promise of the brand. As the leader in design and manufacturing of sophisticated contemporary lighting, SONNEMAN enjoys a reputation for exemplifying the best in modern design. SONNEMAN has a variety of Table and Floor Lamp options ranging from modern to more traditional styles.

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