As USAI put it, "the best light sources reveal spaces, not themselves" and we couldn't agree more. As LED technology advances, we're seeing many tiny, sleek and powerful luminaires with excellent light uniformity, glare control and quality. Here are some standout new products that prove that good things come in small packages.

USAI Lighting - The LittleOnes

Who says TINY comes at the expense of performance? USAI Lighting is defying the norm and what is possible as we raise the bar in design and engineering with a new one-inch recessed fixture family, featuring powerful output, incredible low glare optics, and completely serviceable from below, these LittleOnes will knock your socks off. LittleOnes Micro 1.25" recessed LED downlight is the USAI BeveLED family's tiniest and newest member. Unique for its outstanding flexibility with a full family offering, this 1.25" dynamo provides the ultimate versatility possible in an LED fixture this small. It’s installable AND serviceable from below, and its square or round shapes can work with most typical ceiling types, including retrofit applications. LittleOnes Zepto is teeny tiny, and powerful, with a 1" size and 3/4" lens aperture. This little guy packs a stealth punch with over 1000 delivered lumens and literally off-the-charts glare control. Zepto provides unparalleled performance with an ultra discreet trim aesthetic. See how Micro and Zepto compare in the USAI LittleOnes Brochure.

Luminii - Stenos Micro Linear

Luminii's STENOS is an architectural grade micro linear track and downlight system, great for creating quiet architectural lighting accents in a wide variety of applications including high-end residential, museum, hospitality, commercial office, and retail environments. Engineered with an all-new and proprietary micro-optics engine, STENOS light sources push more light forward in a compact package delivering superior uniform light output, color consistency, and high CRI.  A wide array of track joiners and STENOS Easy Snap lenses provide more opportunities to customize spaces effortlessly. Visit the Stenos brochure and product page to learn more.

Ecosense - TROV Slim

The Ecosense TROV Slim is a new, linkable cove lighting product with a profile just slightly larger than a quarter. Each 12" or 48" section has its own integral driver, allowing for a clean, easy installation. The TROV Slim has superior efficacy, comes standard with 0-10V dimming (dims to 10% with most reverse phase dimmers) and has adjustable aiming up to 25º in each direction. The flexible connectors allow TROV Slim to curve and go around corners with ease and has the ability to run 200' off of a single power feed. Accessories include a mounting track, frosted lens and a knife edge cove. Read more about the TROV Slim and see the complete guide and FAQ in the TROV Slim Handbook.

Lindsley Lighting - Shooting Star & Sprout Collection

We already love Lindsley Lighting for their quality, performance and environmentally conscious manufacturing processes but they have come out with even more to love. Svelte, sophisticated and powerful, the Shooting Star pops 1000 lumens out of a 1” diameter pendant. This stunning slender fixture ranges from 10" to 32" in length. It comes in a full range of LED color temperatures @ 80 or 90+ CRI, with beams that range from 15 to 60 degrees. The body comes in beautiful polished and matte anodized finishes, as well as satin and gloss powder coat colors. The inside rim offers a touch of contrast in Black, Gold, Silver or Optical White. Just wow!

When you want a compact pendant that packs a lot of punch, the Sprout is the perfect solution. This little dynamo is only 4 inches tall and and 4 inches in diameter.  And, the Sprout pops out 1000 to 2000 lumens using high quality Xicato LED modules. It comes in beautiful gold and silver anodized finishes as well as satin or gloss powder coat colors. It's also available in a surface mount model.

Lindsley Lighting - Reed & Tule SPLASH Pendants

This little company in Northern California is making quite a splash with their new wet listed versions of the classic Reed and Tule pendants.

The Reed SPLASH Pendant takes the sleek modern look and performance of the Reed Pendant into the great outdoors. With only a 2.25 inch diameter cylinder, and up to 1300 lumens the Reed Splash can light up an array of outdoor spaces. Imagine the Reed Splash under a pergola, in an outdoor event center, in a courtyard or patio. The cylinder heights range from a more minimal 10 inches to a slender and stately 32 inches.

The Tule SPLASH Pendant takes the handsome look and performance of the Tule Pendant into the great outdoors. With only a 4 inch diameter cylinder, and up to 2000 lumens the Tule Splash can light up an array of outdoor spaces. Imagine the Tule Splash under a pergola, in an outdoor event center, in a courtyard or patio. The cylinder heights range from a more minimal 12 inches to a stately 32 inches.

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