With the new Solus office finally complete, we wanted to share with you some featured products we incorporated and tips for designing healthier spaces. First and foremost, our office space is designed with the health and safety of the team in mind. It's also designed to double as a showroom, with many types products installed throughout the space. We can't wait to give you a tour of the space in person, but for now, keep reading for 5 features you'll find in the new Solus office, including UV-C upper air disinfection, acoustic lighting, color tuning and biophilic lighting.

Fail-Safe GUV Upper Air Purifier

Signify, the parent corporation of Cooper Lighting Solutions, has been a world leader in UV-C source manufacturing and delivering solutions for over 35 years to disinfect water, air and surfaces. Cooper Lighting Solutions brought to market the Fail-Safe GUV Disinfecting Solutions in Spring of 2020, incorporating UV-C technology into a number of products which fall under two categories: Air Disinfection and Surface Disinfection. For the Solus office, we wanted an easy disinfecting solution that can be used throughout the day while the space is occupied. We chose the GAC UV-C Air Ceiling Mount which we installed throughout all of the open areas of the office. Upper Air UV-C solutions were shown to inactivate over 92% of airborne pathogens, including the virus that causes COVID-19. For high traffic public spaces like medical offices, schools, retail stores and gyms, Germicidal UV Surface Disinfection can be a good option. For surface disinfection, UV-C Controls ensure the space is vacant before the UV-C Fixtures will turn on and will automatically turn off if someone enters the space. The Fail-Safe GUV Disinfecting Solutions brochure goes through all of the options and how long each product takes to complete the disinfecting process, ranging from 5 to 25 minutes. See all of Fail-Safe's GUV Disinfecting Solutions here.

Luminii - Purifii GUV

For the smaller, private offices at Solus, we chose the minimal aesthetic of the Luminii Purifii GUV to provide ongoing protection from airborne pathogens. Aer Wall, part of the Luminii Purifii GUV product series, is an architectural grade upper-room germicidal system that capitalizes on the proven ability of UV-C to inactivate airborne pathogens continuously and safely in an occupied space. The Purifii Aer Wall system creates a contactless, uniform, germicidal zone in the upper portion of the room. HVAC systems, fans and/or natural convection move air between the lower and upper portions of the room, allowing for continuous disinfection of the air. The streamlined aesthetic allows for unobtrusive use in nearly any interior space.

Acoustic Lighting Solutions

Our open office design and hard surfaces means that acoustics are an important consideration. Our new office showcases many acoustic lighting products which also serve to dampen noise throughout the space. We have 4 Shaper Sense Acoustic Lighting Luminaires fixtures Shaper Sense Box, Trapezoid, Index Dimensional and Drum Duo. This family is available in 60+ Wool Design Felt color options from FilzFelt and the edge-lit LED panel allows light to pass through when it's off, making it a great option for daylight harvesting in combination with skylights. Our space also features OCL's 36" diameter Kwyet Pendant in Blush. Kwyet combines the classic Tubie design with 9mm acoustic fins. It comes in cone, angle or ellipse shape and 25 acoustic felt colors containing a minimum of 50% recycled post-consumer material. The space also incorporates acoustic solutions from Focal Point including Seem narrow sound absorbing unlight acoustic baffles. Focal Point has 25 colors to choose from, made from 100% polyester with 50% recycled plastic bottles (PET) that are LBC Red List Free. We also installed a Solus-branded MoonRing Acoustic fixture from ALW's Harmonic Collection. Obtaining acoustic color swatches is simple. Reach out to us if you need these for your current project.

Tuneable White

In an open, multi-use portion of the office, we have worked color tuning into the lighting design, using a combination of USAI's BeveLED 2.2 Cylinders and Crestron's SolarSync System to bring current daylight conditions inside. USAI Lighting’s proprietary and patented Color Select Tunable White technology can recreate a broad spectrum of white light from 6000K down to 2200K—and everything in between—while independently adjusting intensity from 100% to 0.1% to mimic natural daylight in any environment at any time of day. The Crestron SolarSync Photosensor captures the true color and intensity of the sun and directs the luminaires to match the detected color. Read more about Crestron SolarSync technology. With the capability to over-ride the programming, this space also allows us to demonstrate other users of color tuning to designers.

Biophilic Lighting

Biophilic design aims to create a sense well-being and cheerfulness by creating a connection to nature within our indoor environments. Our large conference room centers on this approach with a massive live edge conference table and complementing Palma sconces by Vibia. Inspired by hanging gardens, Palma features hand blown glass spheres and planters in a lacquered metal support. We added plants from our neighborhood plant shop to bring life to the space. Palma sconces are available in horizontal or vertical as single, double or triple. The collection also includes pendants. See the full Vibia Palma collection here.

Thanks for reading the Friday Five!

We hope you'll continue to follow along on a bi-weekly basis as we explore what moves and excites us in the lighting world. Our goal at Solus is to equip our community with the best tools and most up to date information. If you would like to provide feedback, shoot us a message.