Perimeter lighting systems are wonderfully versatile. Solus can help you find the perimeter system that will work best for your project's individualized needs. Here are 5 lines whose perimeter lighting systems make specification and installation a breeze.
As USAI put it, "the best light sources reveal spaces, not themselves" and we couldn't agree more. As LED technology advances, we're seeing many tiny, sleek and powerful luminaires with excellent light uniformity, glare control and quality.
Solus brings you 5 simplifying solutions that will bring more value to your projects. Less hassle. Less cost. Less visual clutter. Less fixtures needed. Less constraints.
There are many cylinder lights out there, but not all are created equal. We've selected 5 lines with features that stand out from the rest.
Last week, part of the Solus sales team headed to Philadelphia for Lightfair. There they gained some insight into technological trends of the lighting industry. Read more to learn where the future of lighting & controls is headed. 
Good news, you don't have to sacrifice performance in downlights due to budget constraints! Today's Friday Five features the latest and greatest budget-friendly downlights.