Perimeter lighting systems are wonderfully versatile. Use them to serve as a significant design element, highlighting the architecture of the space. Create the appearance of a floating ceiling while illuminating walls, adding depth and visual interest. Light corridors from the perimeter, in a subtle way that avoids glare and does not detract from the visual experience. Solus can help you find the perimeter system that will work best for your project's individualized needs. Here are 5 lines whose perimeter lighting systems make specification and installation a breeze.

Gammalux - GPD Perimeter Wall Slot

The Gammalux Perimeter Series Direct (GPD) is designed for accelerated construction schedules. This complete family of architectural wall slots is available in 1", 2", 3", 4", 5" and 6" apertures and up to 3" regress, featuring the EZ Tele module for simplified installation. Watch this demonstration to see how fast this installation can go. Skip the workbench and go straight to the wall with the patented EZ-Tele module. Visit the GPD Product Matrix and click through to learn more about the product you're interested in!

Focal Point - Seem 2 & Seem 4 Perimeter

Seem 2 Perimeter and Seem 4 Perimeter slot LED luminaires provide a glowing transition between ceiling and wall with Flush, 2.5" regress or 4.0" regress lens options. Focal Point has expanded from the standard Lambertian optics, adding the option for Grazer and Asymmetric Room Fill optics. The Grazer optic provides even vertical illumination and adds drama to a space by highlighting textured walls and architectural details. The Asymmetric Room Fill optic illuminates rooms and corridors from the perimeter with superior efficacy and uniformity on the floor. A fixed or adjustable housing (+/- 3 inch adjustability on regressed models) and ordering capabilities in 1-inch increments make these perimeter luminaires flexible solutions for a variety of applications in grid, drywall, or hard ceilings. Check out the Seem 2 Selection Guide and Seem 4 Selection Guide to see the options for the complete Seem 2 and Seem 4 families broken down in a quick reference guide.

Inter-Lux - Whitegoods Perimeter

Whitegoods provides a comprehensive collection of perimeter products for seamless architectural integration. Their logical, modular system and families of products provide the tools for designers to bring the architecture to life, integrating cleanly into any ceiling type, adding a perception of brightness without drawing attention to the source. They've designed the products for ease of specification, installation and maintenance. The 20 Linear Perimeter Flush or Regressed is a 1.2" aperture perimeter pocket system that provides continuous illumination of adjacent surfaces, available in any dimension to fully integrate with the architecture. The ProTools 60 Linear Perimeter is a high-performance perimeter slot system that integrates into all ceiling types to deliver a continuous, efficient, extremely well shielded and low brightness optical system. Light starts at the top of the wall and covers the entire wall, supplying reflected ambient light to the floor in front. Inter-Lux also offers integrated cove systems: V Cove20 Mini Z CoveZ Cove and the 20 Mini Edgeless Cove. Follow the links and check out the Inter-Lux Perimeter Presentation from their recent Live Zoom. Save this hot linked Wallwash-Wallgraze-Perimeter guide for future reference.

Prudential Lighting - Bionic, P23, P43, Stream Perimeter

Prudential Lighting has a great collection of perimeter products. They can achieve beautifully smooth wall washing or light a corridor from the perimeter with the Perimeter Fill Optic. Bionic 4 Perimeter is a robust system with industry-best optics, energy efficiency and visual continuity. P23 and P43 are 2" and 4" Perimeter Slot products. The Stream Perimeter (pictured above) gives you an asymmetric perimeter with a concealed LED source – and, as with the entire Stream Series, absolutely no reflector seams. he flexible single-piece reflector rolls out to create a seamless look as long as 200 feet and the fixture ‘disappears’ with trimless mud-over flange option, mimicking a gypsum cove.

SNEAK PEEK: Prudential Lighting is unveiling the new BionicPro Perimeter featuring a telescoping LED reflector, and seamless trim and lens for no light leaks anywhere. This complete family of 2", 3", 4" and 5" perimeter fixtures also feature industry best efficacies (up to 130+ LPW) and lumen output (1300 lumens per foot for: Wall Graze, Perimeter Room Fill (great for hospital corridors). Contact us for more information on the BionicPro Perimeter.

Neo-Ray - Define Perimeter

The Define series by Neo-Ray characterizes the ultimate in minimalist simplicity by providing clean, uniform lines of illumination in virtually any architectural environment. Powered by Cooper Lighting Solution’s most advanced linear LED technology, the Define series delivers outstanding efficacy in a variety of profile widths, from 2" to 5", with lengths specifiable to the nearest inch and flush satin, drop, regressed and asymmetric lens options available. Customizable in-wall, in-ceiling and wall to ceiling corners are available. VividTune CCT tuning options from 3000K–5000K or 2700K-6500K. DLC listed configurations are available. Head here to learn more about Neoray Define LED Perimeter Luminaire.

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