Juneteenth Update

Today we've brought you a few product updates and some lighting-related educational opportunities happening next week. We hope you'll join us. Follow the links below to RSVP!

In honor of Juneteenth*, we've chosen to sponsor an organization that inspires us in their outreach and work to create a better future. Keep reading to find out more about that program. We've also provided some resources below on equity in our industry.

*Juneteenth is a day for all Americans to celebrate the emancipation of those who had been enslaved in this country. We encourage you to join us in learning more and reflecting on the significance of the date June 19, 1865. We're committed to learning, listening and supporting equity within our industry.

Estiluz - Outdoor Collection & New Additions

ESTILUZ designs, develops and manufactures indoor and outdoor decorative lighting. Circ is an indoor and outdoor collection that combines a sphere of enveloping light with wrought iron supports. The indoor model's glass sphere is swapped out for a durable polyethylene model for maximum durability in the elements. The complete selection of Outdoor Offerings from Estiluz can be seen here.

Estiluz is offering 5 minute presentations in each of the following categories: Acoustic Panels, Bathroom Lights, Linear Suspension, Lighting & Signage, Lighting & Plants and the Outdoor Collection. Join us on Wednesday, June 24th at 9am to learn about these 6 topics.

Flos - Diversion

Diversion designed by Piero Lissoni showcases elegance and extraordinary design. The flexible and versatile design creates geometric ribbon-like lines of pure light blending with the architecture. The hub-based mounting system allows designers to create an infinite number of linear, angular, or geometric combinations. Direct or Direct/Indirect distributions are available as well as double spot options.

You can learn more about Flos Architectural Systems on 6/24 at 2pm. Other learning opportunities for next week include the Flos Product Overview on 6/23 at 10am, AIA Presentation: Layers of Light on 6/23 at 2pm, New Architectural Products Overview on 6/24 at 11:30am and Flos Architectural + Outdoor Products Overview on 6/24 at 1pm.

Cooper Lighting Solutions - Light ARchitect App

Cooper Lighting Solutions has taken the guesswork out of lighting design with Light ARchitect, an augmented reality mobile app that lets you instantly visualize light fixtures in your space. Now more than ever, the capacity to share products with your clients without the need for physical samples and face-to face meetings is huge benefit. The Light ARchitect app allows you to instantly configure a light fixture of your choice in various colors, rotations, heights, lumen outputs, finishes and more. Get immediate product specs and screenshots with light distribution values and save time and money on renderings.

No matter the space, size or purpose of your environment, Light ARchitect helps you experiment and plan to find the perfect lighting for any application. Cooper Lighting Solutions is constantly adding new products to the Light ARchitect catalog and current offerings include Shaper Sense Acoustic, Fabric and Performance Pendants and a variety of Outdoor products. Watch the video below and check out the short Light ARchitect Webcast from May 8th to learn how the app can come in handy.

In honor of Juneteenth, Solus has made a donation to the Architecture Foundation of Oregon. We have been so inspired by the way the Architects in Schools program and the Hip Hop Architecture Camp created by Michael Ford are inspiring the next generation of architects in our community. We would like to support those efforts in the hopes that these programs continue, free of charge, to middle school and high school students in Portland.

The Hip Hop Architecture Camp™ is a one week intensive experience, designed to introduce under represented youth to architecture, urban planning, creative place making and economic development through the lens of hip hop culture. The Camp is based on the "4C's" which are Creativity, Collaboration, Communication and Critical Thinking. During the camp, students are paired with architects, urban planners, designers, community activists and hip hop artists to create unique visions for their communities which include the creation of physical models, digital models and the creation of a Hip Hop Architecture track and music video summarizing their designs.

Watch the Hip Hop Architecture Camp’s feature from the Oprah Winfrey Network:

Additional Resources & Articles:

AIA Guides for Equitable Practice
Done in partnership with the University of Washington and the University of Minnesota, and the American Institute of Architects’ Equity and the Future of Architecture Committee (EQFA), these are a vital part of AIA’s long-term commitment to lead efforts that ensure the profession of architecture is as diverse as the nation we serve.

USC Diversity Toolkit
A Guide to Discussing Identity, Power and Privilege

10 Black Architects Whose Work Has Shaped America

10 Pioneering African American Architects and the Legacy Buildings They Designed

16 Architects of Color Speak Out About the Industry's Race Problem

Barrier-Breaking African American Architects We Should Be Celebrating

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