Quick Ship Options to Save the Day!

If that pesky 6-8 week lead time has got you down, fear not! We've updated our list of Quick Ship programs for when you need to call on a 'Quickship Superhero' for help. We've got nine Quick Ship options available from architectural lighting brands ALW, Bartco, Cooper Lighting Solutions, Ecosense, Focal Point, Intense Lighting, Spectrum, Selux and USAI Lighting! Reach out to us whenever you need help navigating these options so we can speed the process along even further.


Featuring their most popular and versatile configurations of SuperPlane, Lightplane, HBeam, CheckBox and the Optima cylinder downlight, ALW’s QuickShip program is designed to meet accelerated project timeliness with practical LED lighting products that are manufactured and sent out within 10 business days (2 days for CheckBox). Read more details about ALW's Quickship Program, see the range of products in the Quickship Category and download the QuickShip Sizzle Sheet.


Bartco Lighting's QuickShip Program offers a chance to purchase some of their tried and trusted products at a much shorter lead time than many competing products. They have streamlined their processes and procedures to be able to offer a 3-day turnaround for QuickShip fixtures without any cost adder. Products in Bartco's QuickShip Program include the linear extruded aluminum Bodhi BSS110 (cove) and BSS210 (surface/suspended) as well as the value-priced steel BLT205 (surface/suspended) and BLT210 (surface/suspended). QuickShip-eligible selections are highlighted in blue on the specification sheet.

Cooper Lighting Solutions - Architectural Product Group

Cooper Lighting Solutions' Architectural Product Group Quick Ship Program offers a 10 Day Lead Time on select architectural lighting products from Corelite, Neo-Ray and Shaper. These are great options for fast moving construction projects, ensuring schedules are met and the project is a success. Maximum order size is 1000 linear feet and must have the designated "QS-" prefix in the part number. Quick Ship options are shaded in grey on the specification sheets. The Quick Ship product options consist of their most popular configurations, covering a wide array of architectural lighting applications. Cooper Lighting Solutions also offers many off-the-shelf solutions from Halo and Metalux, as well as outdoor offerings from Halo Outdoor, McGraw-Edison, Lumark and Invue perfect for meeting tight timelines.


Ecosense offers the On Demand program with 525,000+ SKUs that ship in 2 weeks or less, with the most popular SKUs shipping in just 48 hours. Products in this category include the Slim Cove Dim, Rise and Trov. Visit the On Demand page to see which models are available at with this expedited timeline. TROV is a highly engineered and versatile linkable product offered in interior and exterior, graze, asymmetric, and line of light. RISE is the smallest, brightest, fully-featured LED lighting system of its kind. The applications are nearly limitless, with the small but powerful F080 providing up to 700 lumens and the most powerful F380 providing a whopping 5600 lumens. SLIM COVE DIM is a low-profile interior cove system that fits easily into any space or budget. You can connect up to 200 ft of Slim Cove Dim on a single circuit to save energy, time and money.

Focal Point

Quickship from Focal Point is a broad, made–to–order offering of some of their most popular architectural luminaires. They leverage their on-site manufacturing capabilities to deliver 5-day and 10-day day shipping programs for a wide range of options. Unlike a stock program, Quickship from Focal Point gives you the ability to satisfy tight project schedules without sacrificing quality or selection. Quickship offerings include popular linear products like the Seem family, ID+ Downlights and Cylinders and Architectural Troffers. On specification sheets, options listed in orange indicate that they are a part of the Quickship program. See the Quickship Guide for the full selection.

Intense Lighting

Intense Lighting has two speedy shipping programs, LightSpeed and QuickShip. Intense knows how important it is to get the right luminaires for the job and to get them fast. That’s where their same-day and 3-day shipping programs come in handy. LightSpeed offers same-day shipping on select SKUs. The Intense Lighting Quickship Program includes the most popular downlights, cylinders and track heads. Check out the Quickship Brochure from Intense for details on both LightSpeed and QuickShip offerings.


The Selux MLED Quickship program is designed to meet customer's needs and ensure shorter lead times. If an urgent job is on your desk, the MLED Quickship program can ship high quality linear LED fixtures in 10 days for up to 100 units. LED fixtures are available in nominal 2', 4', 6' and 8' individual fixtures and can be done in in 1' increments for runs over 8'. Quickship options include Direct (suspended or surface) and Recessed mounting for M36 LED, M60 LED and M100 LED models. The MLED Quick­ship offer­ing com­bines inspi­ra­tion and min­i­mal­is­tic design, pro­vid­ing an indi­vid­ual solu­tion to unique chal­lenges with a quick deliv­ery. Quickship models have their own specification sheets. Visit the Selux Quickship page for details.

Spectrum Lighting

Spectrum Lighting has a great selection of downlights available to ship in 3-5 business days as well as track head and pendant offerings that ship within 5-10 business days. Spectrum's RLM Classics are spun by hand in their Massachusetts factory and have a variety of LED outputs from 1500 lumens to 5500 lumens. Quick Ship options from Spectrum Lighting have their own specification sheets so there's no confusion about which options are available as a part of the Quick Ship program. Visit the Quick Ship section on Spectrum's website to get the details.

USAI Lighting

USAI Lighting offers Quick Ship versions of their popular BeveLED Basic and BeveLED 2.1 product lines with an expedited 10 day shipping program. Now you can enjoy the benefits of high-performance recessed architectural LED lighting products, no matter how tight the project deadlines and requirements. USAI Lighting’s Classic White light engines feature the industry’s leading color consistency. Read more on USAI's 10-Day Quickship Program.

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