Impactful Outdoor Lighting

Here are some outdoor lighting options you might want to know about! This week's Live Zoom from Inter-Lux featured Orma, a compact and well-engineered recessed family that works for a wide range of outdoor applications. Zaneen's Eyes Handrail provides a unique and simple way of incorporating lighting into handrails.The new Qube design is a win, especially with Auroralight's Lifetime Warranty. Flos Architectural has re-engineered the simple yet dramatic Klein Pro bollard. Bover's popular Tria sconce is beautifly addition to gardens, terraces and outdoor spaces both public and private.

Inter-Lux - Orma

Orma is a complete recess-mounted family with compact sizes, and sturdy, reliable materials with high grades of protection: temporary IK10 and IP681, ideal for tight installation spaces. In addition to the embossed steel flange, the range has a new brass finish option as well as a just glass model, all which sit flush with the floor. The path-marker offers concentric optics. The adjustable version can be easily and quickly aimed through a screw system on the side of the fixture body, eliminating the need to open and remove the top trim/glass, removing the risk of water infiltration during the on-site aiming process. Orma was conceived with the ultimate versatility in mind, with many combinations of different beam spreads, finishes and optics to choose from. Optic packages include: Spot, Flood, Wide Flood, Extra Wide Flood, General, Elliptical, asymmetrical swing with Wall Washer optics. Check out the Orma Uplight Brochure and the Orma Downlight Brochure to learn more and watch the video below.

Zaneen - Eyes

Eyes is a collection of compact exterior recessed lights for in-ground, wall, ceiling, and handrail installation with a range of performance specifications. Eyes Handrail is an important product for projects. The seamless installation within a handrail provides additional and subtle lighting in a space, specifically a walkway or staircase. It is only ¾” in diameter with multiple lumen packages available from 100 - 155 delivered lumens. The body is constructed of stainless steel AISI 316L, and the fixtures have ingress protection up to IP68.

Auroralight - Qube

Auroralight builds copper and brass lighting solutions designed to last a lifetime. Their lifetime warranty covers material defects, workmanship and accidental damage under normal usage. Qube is a family that includes Spot LightPathlight and Wall Mount options. This low-profile fixture is easily hidden among plantings or integrated into architectural features and provides a clean, contemporary aesthetic and low glare lighting tool. Auroralight offers a wide range of landscape and outdoor lighting products so be sure to visit for more compact but impactful luminaires. Stay tuned for a product launch with more great designs coming soon!

Flos Architectural - Klein PRO

Clean lines, clear intersections, and refined simplicity make Klein PRO barely noticeable in its surroundings offering at the same time perfect and precise functionality. The family has been reengineered and continues to amaze with its state-of-the-art LED light source. Available in the US in two sizes, the 11-watt bollard has a 45 degree beam angle providing a soft throw of light. Learn more about the Klein Pro and other Flos Architectural Outdoor offerings at

Bover - Tria

Tria's natural beauty has made this one of the most popular offerings in the Bover catalog. Due to popularity, Tria expanded upon their indoor modular offerings to allow for use in gardens, terraces and open spaces both public and private. Tria is comprised of plates tucked behind white lacquer or natural oak. Read more about the Tria Indoor & Outdoor Collection. Bover recently partnered with Yacht designer LeVen to create a stunning yacht interior using the Tria. Follow them on Instagram @boverbarcelona to check it out and be sure to give us a follow @soluspdx as well!