Joana Bover's brand has continued to expand and innovate, and the 2021 additions do not disappoint! Designed and executed flawlessly, Bover luminaires combine aesthetics, comfort and lighting performance using the most modern LED technology. They provide the quality and scale that work well in a variety of applications from commercial to residential. Here's what's new with Bover.


The portable, rechargeable Tanit table lamp with soft diffused light cast through hand woven cotton screen became an instant hit when it was released. The family is now expanding to include indoor pendants in two sizes, Tanit S/61 with a 24" diameter and Tanit S/43 with a 16.93" diameter.


Barcelona-based Bover sits on the Mediterranean coast of Spain and the inspiration is present in many of Bover's designs. Valentina's smooth head and wavy inner shade brings a calming movement to the design, just like the ocean leaves its marks on the sand. The Valentina S/24 Pendant and Valentina M/29 Table Lamp both have the same 9.45" diameter shade with an beautiful, earthy selection of color combinations including Black/Copper, Light Grey/White, Olive Grey/White and Terracotta/White.


Platet takes its inspiration from industrial wall fixtures with incandescent bulbs and modernizes the technology and refines the design with a gorgeous selection of finishes. The family includes a variety of pendants and wall sconces. The taller wall model comes in hard-wired and plug in versions. The smaller wall sconce comes in both indoor and outdoor models. The Platet Pendant can be mounted with a canopy or with a quick connect compatible with the Skybell System or 48V Track. Brows the full Platet Collection to learn more.


Skybell is an extensive system of light structures, designed to adapt to any type of application. There are a variety of styles to choose from including Skybell Linear, Skybell Circle and Skybell Catenary in a variety of sizes. Bover has expanded the Skybell family with Skybell Plus which includes Skybell Plus A/01, an adjustable wall sconce, and the Skybell Plus S1/L, an elegant, stand-alone pendant, both perfect for bedside and accent light applications. Browse the complete Skybell Collection to see more inspiring installation images.


The hand woven Mediterrània lamp is an ode to the Mediterranean light, breeze and smell. A soft wave with a warm glow, reminiscent of the sunrise and sunset. The Mediterrània collection includes the large scale Mediterrània S/105/01 Outdoor Pendant with cable or 4" stem, and 3 Indoor Mediterrània models made from hand woven ribbon.

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